• Cargo Cart | Flexible space for creativity.

    Cargo Cart | Flexible space for creativity.
  • Cargo Cart | Flexible space for creativity.

    Cargo Cart | Flexible space for creativity.

Modular. Easy. Flexible.
The logistics solution for every technology

Cargo Cart makes the transport of event technology and equipment even easier. Because the times when you had to play Tetris in a lorry with different boxes are history.

Instead, take it easy and combine perfectly coordinated transport solutions – quickly, flexibly and safely.

The Cargo Cart families

Why something new - again?

First of all, Cargo Cart is actually not that new. The idea was already maturing in our minds as early as 2002 until it was finally ready for the market in 2009 and then used for the first time. Back then, the flight case and the pallet dominated the world of event logistics and trade fair construction. And even though everyone used them, they weren’t really that practical.

‘We need to find a better solution,’ thought Ingo, the developer of Cargo Carts and an event logistics specialist. And so he set to work, creating a revolutionary logistics system that was easy to move, easy to stack and with a uniform external dimension – perfectly matched to the loading dimensions of vans and lorries.

What's really different though?

You’ll quickly recognise the difference when you take a look at our Cargo Cart families. Transporting event technology and trade fair construction materials becomes faster, easier and more effective with Cargo Cart. See for yourself and discover the world of Cargo Cart.

Are we really better?

Of course we are. And well-known figures in the industry also think so. That’s why our Cargo Carts have already brought the equipment of real pop queens and great comedians or the trade fair equipment of fine car brands and international corporations from one place to another.

Something new again!

We need to talk.

Do you have questions? We have the answers. Contact us and let us advise you individually and personally. Whether you need a solution for an upcoming event, have plans to gradually renew your logistics or simply want more information.


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It's easy with us!

Even in the warehouse, everything is organised now: because our Cargo Carts are made for neatly storing event equipment and they can be assembled in a modular way and simply stacked.

Save a lot of time – and a lot of money, because the job you used to need a lot of roadies for can now be done by just one person with Cargo Cart.