About us

About us

Who are you, anyway?

We are old hands in the event industry, who at some point no longer wanted to let Euro pallets and flight cases make life – and especially logistics – difficult for us.

And what do you do if you can’t find an alternative? You develop your own.

Of course, we like to share our innovations – that’s why we not only use Cargo Carts ourselves, we also offer it to other companies and agencies so that they can make their event logistics even simpler and more flexible.

And what will it be when it’s done?

When we’re done, the last pallet will be turned into firewood and the last flight case will collect dust in the museum. Until then, we continue to work on our Cargo Carts and continue to develop new solutions, functionalities and cart families until we have mastered the last challenge of event technology and exhibition construction.

We simply want to offer the most effective, fastest and simplest logistics system on the market. And believe us, we’re already so close!